About our club

The Penguin Ski Club is a fun, informal, comfortable place to stay for enthusiastic skiers. It consists of family and single members who range in age from 3 to 85+. Interested parties usually are known to current members.

The club is an old farm house with 12 bedrooms equipped with bunk beds and dressers. Rooms are separated by gender; men are in rooms with other men, women with other women. We do not have assigned Family Rooms, but do our best to accommodate when possible. There are also three full bathrooms (with stand-up showers).

The club has a living room, two dining rooms containing picnic tables, a ski room, kitchen, and a BYOB bar (for those 21+ only). We also have a members’ area for food storage, and two fridges for anything you might choose to bring up. But we also have a club fridge and various “kitty” items that you can purchase, like coffee, tea, cereal, bagels, etc.

The club is open year-round to members, but our busiest season is ski season.

Visiting the club

The club isn’t a hotel, or even a fully stocked airbnb, there are some things you need to remember to bring before your first visit to ensure you’re comfortable.

Bathroom essentials

The bathrooms have hand soap and paper towels but you’re responsible for your own towel, toiletries, and hair dryers (if necessary).

Food & Drinks

The club has a ‘kitty’ with coffee and tea, milk and cream, muffins, eggs, cheese, english muffins, etc; mostly breakfast stuff, which you’re able to purchase at a small cost, but you will want to bring some other items to store in the back fridge/storage area. Please be sure to label all the food/drinks you bring up.

  • Water (not required, we do have a well, and plenty of people drink from it, but many also bring their own bottled water)
  • Food/Snacks
    • Snacks: the kitty doesn’t have any snack foods, so if you or your family would like to snack between meals, bring anything you think you might need
    • Food: prefer to bring a lunch to the mountain? same as above, but keep in mind, we might not have the condiments you prefer, so bring those too. 
  • Beverages
    • non alcoholic: any juice or soda you like to drink, or if you go through a lot of milk, you might prefer to bring your own up
    • alcoholic (if that’s your thing): we have a BYOB bar at the club, so anything you might want to drink after a day of skiing, you should bring it with you

The floors are old and cold, so we recommend some sort of slipper or non-slip socks throughout the club, especially for kids.

The parking area is dirt, which means it gets muddy if there is any rain or melting, so leave your white sneakers at home.

Interested in joining?

At the present time we have an open application period, during which time we invite interested parties to join us.

We require three weekend overnights during the ski season prior to accepting members (we advise family applicants to bring all members of the family). Any interested parties require sponsorship. The process allows  everyone to evaluate whether the club is what they are looking for and allows potential new members to see what “Penguin family life” is like.

After the third weekend, the interested party will formally apply to the club and will be given a copy of the bylaws and rules, all new members are responsible to read and adhere to the bylaws and rules. The board will then meet and either approve or deny the application. If the application is approved, the new members are given a key and can begin utilizing the club.

Learn more about the club by reviewing our rules